Gear Oils
Gear Lube EP 75W90 SINT
(API GL4, GL5 • API MT-1 • MAN 3343 SL • MB 235.8 LEVEL • MIL-L PRF 2105 E LEVEL • SCANIA STO 1:0 • SAE J 2360 (ex MIL-PRF-2) • ZF TE-ML02B,05B,12B,16F, 17B,19C, 21B)
Synthetic oil designed for manual and differential gearbox where extreme pressure is required. It is specially recommended for last generation vehicles. It is designed to perform over a wide range of temperatures.
Gear Lube EP 75W80
(API GL-5 • MIL-L 2105 D • ZF TE-ML 17 B)
Hydrocraked base gear oil, recommended for manual gearbox, transmissions, direction mechanisms and differentials. Formulated with extreme pressure additives. Specially recommended for transmissions of Renault, Citroen, Peugeot and Rover tourisms. Avoid skin contact with use oil. Wash hand thoroughly. In accordance with applicable legislation, please dispose of used oil in a collection centre.
Gear Lube EP-LS 85W-90
(API GL-5 • ZF TE-ML 05C,12C,16E,21C • ZF TE ML 07A,16B,16C,16D,17B,19B,21A • MAN 342 Type M-1 MB 235.0 • VOITH 3.325-339 • VOLVO 97310 • VOLVO 97316 • MIL-L 2105 D)
Gear oil specially formulated for limited slip differentials and back bridges of 4 x 4 vehicles. By its special additives with friction modifiers, it minimizes vibrations, noise and makes it especially recommended for transmissions with oil bath brakes.
Gear Lube EP 80W90, 85W140, 80W, 90, 140
(API GL-5 • MAN 342 Type M-1 • MIL-L 2105 D LEVEL)
Has been developed to offer a maximum extreme pressure, lubrication and corrosion protection of differentials and many manual transmission included hypoid axle drives. Used under severe conditions such as high revolutions and high temperatures.
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