Diesel Engine Oils
(ACEA E6/E7 • API CI4 • MAN M-3271-1 • MAN M-3477 • MB 228.51 • VOLVO VDS-3 • RENAULT RLD-2/RXD • MTU Type 3.1 • MACK EO-N • CUMMINS CES 20076/20077 • DAF Meet Requirements • DEUTZ DQC III-10 LA)
Is a synthetic oil of last generation formulated specially to high performance heavy diesel vehicles. It complies with EURO 4 .Specially formulated for diesel engines of high performance equipped with depost-gas treatment systems. Low sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulphur content (Low SAPS) strongly reduces the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Specially recommended for vehicles with filters (DPF) particulate diesel as well as with system of catalyst for selective reduction (SCR) or (EGR) . Lubricant that meets standards ACEA E6-E7 which guarantees the protection of the heavy diesel engines EURO 4, as well as the previous ones and all combined will meet the requirements all manufacturers (see maintenance). The special formulation with additives of latest technology and synthetic oil bases synthetic.
Ultra Turbo Diesel UHPD 10W40
(ACEA E4 • MAN M-3277 • MB 228.5 • MTU Type 3)
It Is a synthetic technology lubricant for use in engines heavy diesel vehicles. It is an oil with excellent cleaning ability and minimizing deposits, also with extraordinary wear property. These oils are suitable for service conditions,severe and extended drain periods (as long as indicated by the manufacturer vehicle).Fuel economy properties help save fuel consumption. Its viscosity makes it a suitable lubricant in a wide temperature range, facilitating cold start.
Lander 15W40
(ACEA E7/E5/E3,B3 • API CI-4/CH-4/SL • MAN M-3275 • MB 228.3 • VOLVO VDS-3 • MTU Type 2 • DEUTZ DQC III-05 • CUMMINS CES 20078)
Lubricant oil developed to be used in the modern diesel turbocharged engines which require a last generation lubricant. Specially designed to meet the new requirements EURO 3 about the issue of contaminants. It reducing the formation of dust, protecting the engine against the antiwear and maintaining its characteristics during a long change interval. It is specially designed for vehicles of long stroke. Due to its technology, it has a high dispersant and detergent power, as well as antirust and antioxidant properties.
Super Turbo Diesel SHPD 15W40
(ACEA E3,B3 • API CG-4/SG • MAN M-3275 • MB 228.3 • MTU Type 2 • DEUTZ DQC II-05 • RENAULT RD, ZF TE-ML 04C)
Long life multigrade oil is specially recommended for diesel engines which work in heavy duty conditions and respond to the level of lubricants SHPD genuine (Super High Performance Diesel). Its high technology additive provide high detergent and dispersant power. This oil also provides protection against engine deposit, rust and corrosion. Its stability to extreme temperature allow the use either in high power turbocharged and diesel-gasoline engines.
XLO Fleet Serie III SAE30, SAE40, SAE60, SAE10W20, SAE10W30
Designed for the protection of diesel engines for agricultural and heavy-duty equipments. XLO Fleet Serie 3 is formulated with antiwear, antifoaming additives protecting against oxidation and corrosion.
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